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Gems of East Africa

I receive a lot of advertising from the company Gems of East Africa. They are a supplier of rough. Has anyone purchased from this company, and if so what was your experience and opinion?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Pretty sure they are the guys that do the rock and gem show circuit , their stuff looks good .

These guys are legit and offer good rough for the beginner, although the size of rough is small and slightly expensive. I have cut their rough early on in my cutting career, but I rarely buy anything from them now as their stones are too small for me generally.

Thanks for the information. I have an outstanding primary supplier, and I agree that their stones are almost always quite small, but I just wanted to find out if they were the German in case I need a back up supplier at some point.

Thanks again

  • wanted to find out if they were legitimate. Auto correct is a pain.

I stopped by their booth once at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show. While I don’t cut and hence don’t buy rough, I found them friendly with some nice material and reasonable prices.