Gems Certification Process

What is the easiest way to get gems certified? I have over 30 that I want to sell. I am a Graduate Gemologist GIA and know what the stones are, but need the certs to sell. Thanks!!!

Hello Janet,

As a GG, you should be able to “certify” or grade gemstones yourself. However, if you’re concerned about the appearance of grading the same stones you are also selling, you can contact another gemologist or gem lab to conduct the reports. Or are you asking where to get “certification form” templates? You can create those yourself, as long as they show the gem name, species, measured physical and optical properties, weight, cut or shape, your name, title, date, and a report number (and you would keep a copy). I hope this helps.

IGS Admin

First get a local cheap certification before sending it to GIA.
I am also a GIA Gemologist and I still use these steps for any ID-ing of gemstones.