Gemology Certification question

Of the four tests, do you take any before all units are completed or all four after all reading is completed? Thank you!

You should take the three Written tests after completing all the Units, since each test covers material from all units of the course. Once you pass the three written exams, you can then take the fourth exam, the Practical Exam. You can only take the Practical after passing all three Written Exams.

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Best to cover the units and test as you go.

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Tech is open book so it doesn’t matter. The practical test is where it knowledge will be truely test. But again it’s practically open book there isn’t any reason to fail if u be paitent and research fully before answering the questions. I like taking a test first Some times so I know where to focus my attention. You will remember stuff u didn’t even know you knew and will let u use ur time more wisely.
At least from what I understand it’s practically open book