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Hello, I\’m Emilie I\’m owning Luna Diamonds in Denmark and I\’m interested in becoming a gemologist as well so I can make my own certificates to the many loose stones I have – is it any how possible for me to make my own certificates legally if I complete the gemologist course you\’re offering?

In my limited experience it is better to use an independent lab people feel safer if it is someone that has no conflict o interest.

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Hello Emilie,

I don’t know the laws in Denmark, but in the United States, there are no legal restrictions on who can create a gem report. Anyone can create identification or grade reports. Of course, if you want to establish a customer base and grade gems professionally, it certainly helps to learn gemology and the IGS course will help you do that.

As for grading the gems you yourself are planning on selling, Chris777 makes a good point. Of course, with a professional gemology course under your belt, you’ll be able to better answer your customer’s questions about the gems and grade reports.

IGS Admin