Gem testing equipment

Currently deployed and looking for a good accurate, affordable tester. Any suggestions as to what kind where to find one to have shipped to me.

What is a gem tester, I thought that you get a number of equipment which by the process of elimination helps you conclude on your testing what the stone is. If there is a gem tester, I want one.

Research Presidium, I have the Diamond Multitester III and it have no complaints, I’m looking into one of their Electronic Refractometers, a friend of mine has one and she is really happy with it. You can find some of their tools/testers in Amazon. Best luck!

Presidium Multi Tester III (PMuT III) All-In-One Handheld Instrument for Testing Diamonds, Moissanites and Diamond Simulants

I know I took a long time to reply but thank you very much