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Gem Stones Buyers

Hello Folks!

Did anyone sell the gem to I have some high-end gemstones I would like to sell but this website seems little bit fishy.

Have never sold them anything but they do require a grading report/certificate to purchase gemstones.

Thanks, Amy. Certs are not an issue for me, I will do GIA soon for my stones, but this business has no physical locations and everything is online that’s why I was cautious. How can I confirm their authenticity?

Not really sure but there is a site called TrustPilot that had numerous reviews of reDollar had most of those were very good. You might look at that as well as any similar sites. Good luck.

ok thanks

Maybe test the waters by sending something inexpensive like a garnet. See what happens. Proceed slowly and only a little at a time. Don’t send any 50 carat Emeralds or diamonds yet!
Hope this helps- Mike Acquire Collectibles

Thanks Mike, would you be intrested few things I have?