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Gem silica, Inspiration mine


This is another gem silica pendent, 23.5cts of robins egg blue color, cut from rough from the mine @1950 or so. The mine closed 1983 & the town is now gone that was near the mine, more of a tourist attraction now. The goldwork done by John as usual & no shortcuts for the finished frame in gold. This is considered about the best material color wise, for gem silica & it is getting hard to find-but is pretty-steve…


Nice piece Steve great colour, I have not seen a piece in the rough at all in Australia.


gem silica is rarely seen in jewelry,the most valuable variety of chalcedony beautiful Hallo


Im posting pics of this stone in the sunshine, it seems to glow & the transparency of the material can be seen too, this is some of the best silica to be seen-steve…