Gem selling advice

I have been asked by a contact of mine to sell a large natural ruby. What is the best way to go about selling this stone within a reasonable timescale? Who could I approach about selling this stone? Any information is greatly appreciated. Below are the specs:

Description: 1 rough stone
Species: Natural Corundum
Variety: Ruby
Origin: None
Total Weight: 469.18 ct
Shape: Rough
Cut: Rough
Measurements: 51.8 * 38.4 * 39.2 mm
Transparency: Translucent to opaque
Color: Purplish red
Comments: No indication of thermal enhancement
As per rough shape permits

I also would like to know how to go about selling my gem stones. I have had them tested and certified by a Gemologist but because my country does not have a market for these Gems I need help form anyone out there who is interested or can offer advise.

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Natural rubies are a tricky issue. Before you can offer them for sale you do need to know the country of origin. And I, were I to consider buying one, would need to know your country of residence. For example, Burma rubies cannot currently enter the U.S. Other countries, including your own, may have restrictions. You really do not want to get into trouble with the law selling embargoes stones. Please be careful.