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Gem Rough buying

I am already in the jewelry business. (In sales) I am looking to buy my own rough to get cut. More so than where to cut the stones, where can I buy quality rough? Does anyone have a well established relationship with someone that sells rough? Preferably someone that own a mine or deals directly with the mines. I am interested in precious and semi precious stones. Thank you so much in advance! -Brad

Hi Brad.
Please write me on
We run a office in Kenya close to the mining areas. And we source from all of east Africa.
Best regards
A&A Afrogems Ltd

Hi there

I deal in high end rough diamonds from Canada have a look at the pictures see what you think

Steve Uploading: E088D8AF-C783-4857-9B1A-825E110A3BE0.jpeg… Uploading: 2212A305-E778-40ED-B792-2AD285439A04.jpeg… Uploading: BF1DBD97-A016-4653-B8D9-BC7DC73B861A.jpeg…

Dear Mr. Brad, I have possibility to offer gemstone-rough from Russia (- natural jade ((white, green, yellow, black, gray)) and jadeite;

  • natural charoite (lilac, blue, dark blue);
  • natural seraphinite;
  • natural chrome diopside (named “Yakut emerald”);
  • natural sibirite (raspberry, burgundy, pink-rosy);
  • natural sherl (black tourmaline);
  • natural tourmalines;
  • natural demantoids;
  • native shungite)
    please write me on if you will be interesting. Best regards, Alexandr
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Hello mr Brad,

my name is inhaj from sri lanka and i deal with rough stones which come directly from our sri lankan mines , i can help you with your requirements

thank you,

Hello Brad,

I am a Sri Lankan gem dealer working out of Ontario, Canada. We have very strong contacts with miners in Sri Lanka. We are specialist with more than 30 years of experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. This is my email:



Hello I am getting some rough emerald from La Pita mine this month. I buy direct from one of the owners. I live in Colombia. If interested please email me at Whatever price range you want to be in we can make it happen.

Hey steve try reloading I would love to see the diamonds.

Hi DaCopy,

My name is Stefan and I import rough gems.
I would like to know more about the minerals you have.
Please feel free to contact me at or via my Whatsapp +4520991619

The best greetings

Do you have a list with prices of the rough you have.

Regards. Steve

I have quite a lot of rough stone it would be much easier if you can give me specific deatils og what you require

Ive got some amazing pieces man if your interested my number is 541 363 9378