Gem quality transparent Sphalerite

Ok so i am trying to sell some of my stones. But I am so new to this not only do i have no reputation
but no idea how to start.

Primarily i have sphalerite gem quality colorless and a variety of colors.

Im not trying to make a fortune. But rather about $3,000.

i am truly trying to raise money to visit Uttar Pradesh India where my fiance lives.
We are getting married because honestly its the only way either of us can have a family. both of us coming from abusive families and me being disabled to a severe degree with degenerative conditions means our finances and options are limited.

We have 2 covid orphans that want us to adopt them but with him making only $100 a month (considered 2x poverty and still not enough to make a huge difference) and me spending all but 100 a month on medication and my expensive restricted diet of fruits vegetables, nuts and fish ONLY. As well as the government limits on my savings to $2000 has made paying for even a small wedding and $2000 minimum in rt flights basically … impossible.

I am happy to show anything from my collection but the sphalerite is the most abundant.

That said i have found gold, platinum, gem quality feldspar. Quartz, limonite after pyrite, native copper, cuprite malachite azurite hematite and botryoidal goethite. And others i have yet to identify

Please let me know if you have any interest in helping me with this dream. You would be making 4 solitary people into 1 truly happy family with my endless gratitude.

Thank you.


Happy to but can you narrow down what you may be looking for

… random variety?
I didn’t want to overwhelm with pictures.

I also hane cut gems from my stepfathers collection but I am not confident in identification of those yet.
And i promised not to sell any of his tanzanite yet… however…

Sphalerite pls.

Not all pictured has been confirmed yet i just wanted to show
a good cross section of colors.

Sadly I need to take some to an expert to verify but they do have 6 perfect cleavages.
It had no reaction in pure white vinegar for a week, an experiment i did to make sure it wasnt quartz.

I haven’t seen it in the larger formations i have found so i hesitate to show them with out verification

It was confirmed by minedat as being at the location it was collected from.

If my ID is incorrect then i of course would not expect payment and im happy to send a sample for free if you think its something else.

I am not trying to screw over anyone or
Missleed anyone I’m

just very new and getting into a place of desperately wanting to be with my family.

Anyhow pictures are under white led and shortwave uv light

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Also for reference it was all collected around Medusa Cement Company Quarry, West York, York County, Pennsylvania, USA

I live between it and
Roosevelt Avenue Quarry

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I could be wrong, but the 3 red pieces look like Red Tail-Light, not sure what make or model it’s from though. :thinking:

I can see that with 1 peice the 1 other i have to test 2 others absolutely are not all 4 peices are different colors and thickness or textures. I ALMOST NEVER find red so i had all samples close at hand. but i have noticed specific patterns it naturally molds to. And grids lines and hash marks even what look like screw on lid jar portions but then you look closer and its not that at all.
I truly am confused at times but sphalerite is the only confirmed mineral that fits its qualities.

I fully admit some may be glass but glass sounds / feels/ cuts different
This doesn’t ring in a sharp tone like glass .
This can be crazy sharp and will not cut i have collected ove 100 lbs and have NEVER been even nicked. Its also quite cold at all times and the glass doesn’t seem to glow in the uv light the same if at all.

I have 1 peice that has a makers mark for a luxury shower head i believe another from the 200f 13 drill bit mounting shaft i think pulling from memory because puppy has me pinned

The yellow bit was removed because under the uv light it revealed itself to be more likely a small peice of uranium glass

I also recently found a few and may have a good amount of azurite and malachite beads … i foud a spot yesterday…

Im continually doing reasurch and i have another possibility for what it may be so i will be taking it to a musium soon as it may indicate a bigger find.

A reasurch rabit hole let me to diopside…

Ok i am 100% confident now may have soms sphalerite but all this is Diopside!!!

All my stones where i collect are high grade metamorphic

My apologies