Gem Prices Up or Down in 2014

A wonderful article by JCK magazine regarding wholesale and retail prices on various gemstones.

I read this article depend on gemstones prices fluctuation and as you mentioned that gemstones demand in International market is increasing. Just because of it, the prices of gemstones are increasing. No doubt that gemstones market is expending in European market as well as in Asian market. Many countries is trading of gems at large scale so in my opinion in coming time the prices of gemstone will go up sharply.

Thanks for sharing such a nice post!!! It is true that the value of gems stone prices increasing day by day just because of its not sufficient production as according to the demand. Nowadays most of the people wish to wear precious stones and this is only the reasons of price hick.

This is really nice article, the price of gemstones are increasing day by day. i think that the cause of such happening is lack of production.
give your suggestions.