Gem identification

Okay I am a newbie and I hve a question about some of the gem identification tools.
My question is as a newbie what should be the best tools to acquire first?
I know a Hastings Loupe would be first and foremost and I believe the next tool of importance would be the dichroscope, now I am undecided I was at first considering the chelsea filter but am starting to think that since i am being budget conscience instead of the Chelsea filter it would be more important to get the Spectroscope as it seems like I could do the same thing with the dichroscope as wit the chelsea filter.
So that is my question , thoughts comments please.


I’d get a Dark Field Loupe. NEVER Regretted getting one. Soo much better than a std Loupe.

From what I have researched I agree with you nontavitch I did not include that in my list I forgot it I was planning on getting one though, I think it would be best to have both the standard Hasting loupe and the darkfield loupe.
Thank you for your input.

Absolutely, you need both! If you’ve never used a DF, you’ll love it!
I’d also go for the Dichroscope. A Spectroscope is also nice, but I’d say a Refractometer is crutial. Unfortunitly, they’re not cheap, as you’re probably aware. You can find cheaper ones that do the job (I use one I got for about $175). I’d also recommend a Book “Gemstones of the world” 3rd edition or newer. Hope that helps.

I actually have that book already, published in 1984 very informative book, you are so correct in recommending it.
I am waiting on gemstone press to reply to me concerning a question I had on the aperture of their ezview dichroscope, I talked to a lady there on the phone and she was going to try and find that information. It puzzles me that a lot of this equipment is hard to distinguish apart because there is no technical data offered, seems the only distinguishing data is price of course and if from Hong Kong.

id say a homemade sg scale is a must have. it will cost you less than $10. easily identify almost all of gem species.

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A Chelsea filter and dichroscope are completely different tools and you need both. Look on line you should be able to get both together for under 100 dollars. I would also recommend a UV light . You can pick one up at Lowes or Home Depot. A UV flashlight is more convienent to use. Also a regular flashlight positioned with the light stright up covered with a tissue can also be used to ID diffusion treated stones.
Hope this helps.