Gem Identification Equipment

Wondering if anyone can offer some suggestions. I am doing the IGS Certfication course and need to identify gems. I have a 10X Loupe but am informed by IGS that past students have needed other equipment. Assuming I will need a refractometer and scales does anyone have a suggestion on where I may purchase these items in a cost effective way. I do have scales but they do not give the Carat as the gems are too light. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Adam333, regarding a refractometer I purchased a Prim II by Presidium from Paaz Inc. ( for $291.00 brand new and it is helping me a lot in identifying different type of gems. It does help to have a little experience towork with it, but it is handy. It has a CD to load to your laptop to get the readings. As far as a carat scale, Paaz instruments may have them. Check on line.
Regards and good luck with your IGS certification course.

Hi Luis,

      Many thanks for taking the time to respond and for the information.Much Appreciated. I will follow it up.

All the Best,