GEM ID: Seen this before?

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Will try to keep this short:

Orangy-red, SR, RI 1.74, mounted so SG not possible. Thought to be garnet, but no typical natural inclusion visible. Only surface reaching “cone like” inclusions as pictured in photo. Photo is taken face up. They are pointing inwards from the pavillion surface. Circular “holes” visible from the pavillion side. Any feedback appreciated.



is it Magnet, Inert or Diamagnetic?

Thanks for the feedback. That is a good question. It is mounted in a pendant, so not sure if it is possible to determine but I will check Monday. What do you suspect? Have you come across these inclusions before?

I have checked for magnetism. No reaction. That said, it is mounted and therefore not a conclusive test. Other suggestions are very welcome…Thanks for the feedback, David.

Looks like inclusions occasionally seen in hessonite garnet. • View topic - Unidentified inclusions in hessonite

Looks very familiar… Thanks for the effort and feedback. Much appreciated. Best regards, David.