Gem faceting magazine?

I have a stack of old Lapidary Journals I love to peruse but not finding any current equivalent - this site is excellent but is the magazine business gone?

Also - being new here… how do I get an IGS app for easy access to come to this site - I need a first step to learn my way around IGS - where’s the store?

Check out this link for Lapidary Journal now Jewelry Artist. Please check with IGS for the rest of your queries and good luck.
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Here is the link I forgot to insert.
If the link does not work, kindly search “Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine”.
My apologies,

Thanks Ann, the lapidary journal had monthly faceting designs and related information - is this then a good publication for that?

Check out there website or contact them. For me it is basically the same magazine. They have a new name.
Good luck, Anne