Gem faceting course

I’m trying to find a lapidary course in uk. Is anybody know who can teach faceting gemstone. I’m living in east Midlands UK

Hi I am from Australia, most of our major towns cities have lapidary Clubs and a lot of these clubs do teach faceting.

if you have a lapidary club close by you should contact and ask, they should put you on the right track

good luck

I agree that personal help is best but if you have good visualization skills and a good text like JeffGraham’s,you can teach yourself. .Tho I ha email 'to read it, I understand that Berbst’s book is great and .ay email someone will comment on that. Don’t be intimidated and start off with glass or an easy synthetic.
Good Luck! You can always ask questions on the USFG list or one of the Faceters Facebook groups.

Utube has a great set of videos. Faceting 101 by Arya Aakhaven. Great videos. Herbst books are well worth the money. Also the usfg site is great. Dues are 18 usd a year. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Well worth the money. Feel free to email me if you have questions.