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Gem cutting in Idar Oberstein Germany

Hi Ive rough pieces of spinel and tsavorite that need to be cut for an european client that wants the pieces to be cut in Germany. Any recommendations on trustworthy gem cutters in the Idar oberstein region in germany?
Spinel sizes in rough

  • 35 carat
  • 24 carat
    -32 carat
  • 14.5 carat
  • 33 carat
    Pieces are clean and uniform color so its worth having them cut at Germany compared to thailand or sri lanka. Kindly advise

Google gem cutter in Germany. In the States there are many as in Antwerp. If the customer is that finicky tell him to find someone himself.

Ales Krivanek owner of Ravenstein Gem Company currently he is located in Marana, Arizona. I have bought several gemstones from him and most all of his cutters at the time were located in Germany. If he can’t do it he is a wonderful man and will help you find someone that can. He does have a site on Etsy: RavensteinGemCo
Good Luck & God Bless,
Bob Jones

If you could stand dealing with someone in Brussels, Belgium, Bruno Ronsmans is very good. Boyd Fox gets yields that are unbeatable, but he is in the USA.

Thank you bob. Will pursue this and update here. Appreciate your input.

Thanks Roy. Will check with the client. They were particular about using a German facetter.
Which is why I posted if anyone has prior experience of working with someone from Germany. Appreciate your input. Will reconfirm with the client prior to pursuing this

I don’t know any cutters in Germany, but I happened to be in Belgium several years ago when my daughter and her husband were posted there by his company, so I got to meet Bruno in Brussels at his workshop. Bruno’s father was a gemstone dealer and Bruno picked up faceting in addition to the gemstone dealership. He does custom cutting and gemstone repair and I got to visit him in his workshop and I can tell you he has the latest precision equipment and a lot of experience with cutting. As a sometime rough dealer, I would be using him to cut my rough stones if it weren’t for the fact that the shipping and taxes make the cutters in the USA much more competitive for what I do. His prices were very reasonable for what he does.