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Gem cutters in Europe


Hello everybody,
I am new in the business. I have just acquired som tourmalines (1 up to 18 gr/piece) from Nigeria and would like to know if anybody can suggest some reputable lapidaries in Germany and/or Belgium to cut them.

Best regards



In honesty you are better off sending them to Sri Lanka. It is more economical and I have a master cutter I can put you in touch with if you like.


Thanks for your answer. Yes, please give me the contact details. Is there a big difference between Sri Lanka and Bangkok because my son lives in Bangkok? If no big difference, anybody you could suggest in Bangkok?


May I ask if he cuts diamonds as well? The contact would be highly appreciated.


In honesty I do not know as I deal in coloured stones, but do contact him and ask he is a nice guy his contact and a very good cutter his contact is


I am not sure the difference for me is that not only is the guy a brilliant cutter he is also very honest,


Sorry the contact is