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Gem Collection Required


Hello Guys
Just wondering if anyone has a small collection of rough or cut stones that I could buy off you, for studying purposes.
i.e. Refractometer testing and learning to identify stones.
Thanks Will


Dear Will
As a student we can offer you 50ct citrine or smoky quartz at $ 1000. if interested contact me on +260977368217


Hi Will the best way to get what you are looking for is to go to a gem and mineral show that has items for sale. I did this many years ago and the people where nice. There are some US based Ebay sellers that can sell you low grade rough cheep, if you have a way to polish a window in to this rough it makes getting an RI easy. Not all of Ebay is bad I have found some good people by buying small things first. Garnets ,quartz, topaz, easy, place to start. Read about how to chose rough on this site . Remember the white paper test it will save you money and time. If you do buy some good rough you can sell or trade it later not just end up with "fish tank gravel ". Oh ya I can re cut that native cut stone your buying from Mup for an extra $500 should help you re sell it for 20 to 25 $ more :smile :smile:


Hello Will, As a primary wholesale gem dealer in Bangkok, I am happy to put together a budget gem collection for you. Please give me a list of the gems you would like to see in the collection and i will send you a quote. Regards, Jeffery Bergman -



I sell my stone 2nds at our craft shows at $2/5ct bag. I have a few bags available if you’re interested. I can mail them to you, of if you live near SE Pennsylvania, our next craft show is July 8th and you can pick them up there.

Aldrich Custom Crafts


Hi Will,
Not Sure if what I have to offer will work for you, but I have a few huge stones. Sapphires, Emerald and Rubies
They are faceted, The ruby I have is dyed and around 720ct sphere cut(looks like a small faceted tennis ball)
The emeralds and sapphires all range from 50ct to 200cts in a variety of cuts.

I also have very nice Peridots, Citrines, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, and Tanzanite. These are much smaller faceted stones between 1ct and 45ct. I also have a vast Moissanite collection to the tune of 200+ stones.
If you have any interest in these, or you would like a few pictures just let me know.
Feel free to contact me.


Hi Will
I have a large collection of faceted gems, cabochons, as well as rough material
From quartz to corundum ,beryl
let me know
Anthony Buccieri


Hi Will

What kind of gemstones are you looking for?
Let me know