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Hi I’m planning to visit Vietnam and Sri Lanka in July . If anyone travelled to those countries to buy gemstone share your experience and advice me your expertise

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Hi, I have friends who have just come back from Sri Lanka, they are experienced at buying rough and cut gemstones and have had 5 or 6 trips to Thailand and Myanmar as well as a trip to India on gem buying

I do not know what areas they visited but;
they reported that the gem dealers they visited wanted ridiculous prices for their stone compared to what they have purchased in Thailand and Myanmar in previous years. last trip was 2016 to Thailand. subsequently they came back with virtually nothing.

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Hi, I visited Sri Lanka in January looking for Chrysoberyl, Spinel and Beryls.
I use Ahmed Shareek from Crescent Gems who goes with me to Ratnapura to visit the miners and sellers there. There were very few stones available as the Chinese had been through and virtually bought everything.
I found the same in Yangon, nothing rare or good available. I visit these countries every year and this has been the worst for scarcity of collector gems. Bangkok was a waste of time, only very poor quality stuff.
Suggest you email Ahmed about taking you to Ratnapura for a one or two day buying trip.
Better than going by yourself as he can get all the sellers to come to you.
Best of luck
Tony King ArkRareGems

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If u can come to Nigeria I will give the ones we have

If you need this gemstones just email me on