Gem buying Mae Sot

Hi, I am going on a gem buying trip to Thailand in October, we will be based in bangkok and visit Mae Sot and Chanthaburi.
Will be in Mae Sot for 4 days I have been there before and have purchased jade, amber and rough gemstone. but if anyone knows of any gem dealers in Mae Sot I would be interested, I am mainly interested in rough gems but all depends on price let me know thanks

Gee I thought all you gem experts would know something about Mae Sot???

Hi ,
I have been in Mae Sot 2 years ago for 3 weeks…and i have seen basecally nothing intersting to buy there…for me it loocked very deserted…maybe you get some tiny size ruby and saphires in the early hours of the day from this broker tables…saw 2-3 rubies over 2ct size, but as i expected they were not even from Myanmar…probably Mozambique…anyway a major disappointment and a waste of my time.
It can be though, that you can find a connection dealing very secretely there…but they will defenately not showing up, if you’re visiting Mae Sot only for once…good luck

Thanks Klarstein, I have been to Mae Sot several times before and have made some good purchases of jade and other intersting pieces like red spinel crystals in marble and other good specimens, but not much gemstone.
hoping to get some good rough this time.

Hi friend
i have never been in thailand to buy gemstones but if you are interested to buy rough emerald,ruby,any kind of beryles , sapphire with such good price , i recommend you
contact me "" , i provide rough and old cut gemstones from
the mines and legal owners in afganistan , tajikstan , seylan and iran and ofer the gemstones
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I’m Bangkok based and have been buying in Mae Sot for 30+ years visiting at least twice a year. The gem market has shrunk to 10% of what it was over a decade ago. I have never seen rough worth buying as the local dealers will buy and cut the good material before a foreigner will ever get a chance to see it. Best of luck, ciao, Jeffery

Hi Jeffrey thanks for that I would think most supply areas have shrunk by this much very little quality gem left we enjoy Mae Sot and still hope to pick up some gems of some kind we will have fun anyway

Hi Jeffery, back from Thailand and trip to Mae Sot, did not pick up much but did buy several jade sculptures, some Burmite necklaces and a few pieces with insect (very difficult to get sorted through hundreds of pieces) several gemstone but not many. bought 2 star rubies natural no glass fill. Every other star ruby I was offered in Mae Sot, JTC building in Bangkok and Chanthaburi were glassed filled. of course some sellers swore they were not glass filled.

Sounds like a moderately successful buying trip!

Yes did okay got some reasonable rough as well, bought some large pieces of ametrine, some nice malaya garnet a bit small but good price and some reasonable rough Tourmaline pieces. all in all not too bad along with a bit of a holiday