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Gem buying in Sri Lanka


Hi I’m in Sri Lanka now I want to know what’s the procedure to take gem out of Sri Lanka. I’m will be very grateful if those who have experience in buying gemstone in Sri Lanka to share there experience. Thank you


Need to find all that out before going.


Thank you for your kind advise


Hi Mahy2006 I would be very interested in getting your feedback on how you went gem buying in Sri Lanka, as I have had friends visit on a buying trip some 6 months ago and they were very disappointed in what was on offer and the extreme asking prices


Hi SydP so far it’s good I bought smal 1 to 2 carat spinal and sapphire for good price in beruwela gem market and I been to name call idamgoda mining area but I couldn’t find any quality rough stone. I will be staying another couple of weeks in Sri Lanka. I’m after only gemstone not rough. It’s cheaper to buy faceted stone and certify before paying the money.


Ok no worries please keep us informed on your buying trip thanks again


These are the stones I bought back to uk few stone in the lab need to test


I have stones cut in Sri Lanka and some years ago went over (complicated as I lived in africa for a while and it was fairly easy to get them posted back to me there) I did bring some stones back when I went over however and you do need customes clearance there. I am not saying that you cannot put them in your suitcase and come through but the customs guys at the airport seemed fairly efficient when I was there and serious in what they do. The guy behond me had a piece of quartz and they nearly stopped him from going through. It was only by luck they had just looked at my stuff and so believed I knew what I was talking about and accepted that I said the quartz was valueless. I am in the UK again now and am waiting to see how difficult it is to get stones through from Sri Lanka to here… when in Africa we had no problems with the UK customs at all. I would though check and see if you can customs to advise you, they have an office at the airport and are okay guys. Chris


Hi Mahy2006 Ok look fairly good quality are they sapphire spinel??? what did you purchase then as
thanks for the pics


All are sapphire


Hi where about are you geographically? I actually have a lot of sapphire coming (cut in Sri Lanka African origin) there are some nice stones among them so if you are looking in the future let me know.


If You have a gem broker in Sri Lanka he will handle the customs and get you cleared to take off