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Found rough stones would like cut


I brought my sons to a place to mine for your own stones and was told they have some rough stones. I would like to find someone to cut them and turn them into gems that can be mounted and worn. Please get in touch with me if you can help and do this sort of thing.
I truly have no idea where to start.
Please email me at
I really hope you can help. Or direct me in a place to get help.
Thanks so much!


Hi Sam,

What Country are you located in? Im in Australia and have contacts here who take on facet jobs. Also what do you have needs to be cut, I see those you have there appear to be Emerald cuts but cant tell from the photo if the rough is viable. Pop a light behind them and see if you can see clear sections in the stones.

Other option is you could always send them to Lamberts in Thailand, they have a website with info on costs etc.