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For your viewing pleasure... VIVID Fanta Spessartite Garnet

9st 22.38cts Fanta Spessartite

These are the kinds of gems that get me out of bed in the morning, I bought a bottle of fanta and poured some into a glass, these made it look gray and desaturated when I put them next to the liquid!

Quick video at the bottom. :slight_smile:


Very nice. You’d be amazed by the number of clients we still get who say to us - wow we thought garnet only came in red/brown.

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I’m generally not a fan of anything orange, but I think you just changed my mind. These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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No I wouldn’t :wink:

I love showing these, super fine rhodolite, demantoid and tsavorite to to people who say ‘Awww… I hate having garnet as my birthstone!’

I personally think that as far as birthstones go, Garnet is the best one to have because of all the varieties! :smiley:


I agree, I used to hate Garnet but I have some stunning stones at the moment, not the best pictures but you get the idea


Beautiful colours, how could you hate them?? :wink:

Because back then, I too thought that they only came in a Red/Brown colour (except Tsavorite/Demantoid)…how wrong I was, these stones just POP :heart_eyes:

Yes garnets are wonderful stones, if only we could get the punters to appreciate them more (and move away from the idea they are just red/brown or dark purple). We struggle to get customers to pay the asking prices for the more ‘exotic’ colours (the idea ‘oh they are just garnets’ is strong). Never mind - here is a nice 2.5ct tsavorite we recently bought, will no doubt stay in our collection for a lonnngggg time