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Five Ways To Increase Beaded Jewelry Sales

After the creation of jewelry designs comes the sales part. Many of us google “how to sell my beaded jewelry?” Those who employ the proper promotional methods, tactics, and concepts will gain a more significant market share. However, such tactics are not familiar to everyone. In this guide, we will tell you five ways to boost your jewelry sales.

Following are some jewelry marketing suggestions to assist you in promoting your jewelry business. Utilize them to boost sales at jewelry stores despite a limited marketing budget. Here are the top jewelry marketing strategies to help boost your beaded jewelry sales:

  1. Make Promotional Items That Link Your Jewels To Entertainment

Create associations between your beaded jewelry and occasions like birthdays, holidays, and barbeques in your marketing and promotional materials. If you sell your jewelry at shows, parties, or events, you can design a particular line of pieces with natural themes such as a beach-themed line, or a Hawaiian-themed line of a beaded jewelry. You can theme your jewelry to match the celebrations of the season. For instance, limited-edition beaded earrings for Halloween. Along with the jewelry lines, your display can match the theme you pick!

  1. Jewelry Parties

Parties are a fantastic method to interact with customers directly in a welcoming and informal setting. Your present clientele can be encouraged to create a fun party, include you in an event that is already scheduled, or promotes whatever concept you come up with. Your parties can also be related to seasonal festivities. For instance, a Christmas Party for your clients, making them feel joyous and warm promotes your winter line of gold-filled beaded jewelry. In addition to receiving a gift from you in exchange for hosting the party and a cut of sales, party hosts often get to choose one item from your catalog. If any of the attendees at the target home party volunteer to host their own event, offer them a bonus.

  1. A Chance To “Complete My Jewelry Design”

Customers adore jewelry pieces that contain an element they specifically choose. And bead jewelry designers are in a fantastic situation to do that during live sales occasions. In addition to your regular line of beaded jewelry sales, you could keep a set of bracelets that miss a charm or two. Customers can “customize” the piece for themselves by adding a charm they relate to. When you complete the sale at the booth, you will have a loyal new client who will proudly display the jewelry they helped make.

  1. Customize Orders

Prospective buyers become energized by beads! They are color-sensitive and occasionally would purchase an item if it contained beads of a different hue from the piece on exhibit. Inform potential buyers that you are prepared to make a unique piece for them using jewelry-making beads that are different in color and/or size from those in the presented piece. Regarding payment terms for custom orders, be careful to be transparent. You could manage this personally as well as add an option for customization on your website and social media.

  1. Repair Services For Beaded Jewelry

Beaded pieces of jewelry can break due to a number of reasons. You could offer to fix any damaged beaded jewelry that current customers own. You can advertise this before a performance, market this service to your own mailing list, and let potential clients know that you also do repairs. Every time you interact with a customer about repairs, you have the opportunity to show them what new products you have and can use this knowledge to make better recommendations to them about what they can buy from you. If the jewelry was purchased from your store, you could even offer a discount on repairs.

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