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Firework pattern for faceting gems

Unfortunately, I happened upon a site online selling gems cut in the “firework pattern”.
Wanting to cut that pattern, I searched the internet for hours with no results.
Does anyone have or know where I could find the pattern to make that gem cut?


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From the Fu Rong Gems site’s pictures.
It looks like the crown from Huynh - Beginner Honeycomb with a single cut pavilion, touched to a 1500 grit to remove the edge and polish where the facets meet.
I’m just starting faceting, so I could have it all wrong, but, its how it looks, if it helps any.

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Yes, that is what I was thinking too. But one pic I saw looked like the ridges between facets on the pavilion were actually ground out in a tiny convex tube like pattern.

I can’t see how a convex, or concave unpolished cut that small would make any difference, unless its a huge stone, seems a lot of extra work for nothing.

I appologise, you’re right, I found others on alibaba that have a small channel cut in them, but the effect from the front doesn’t appear to look has good.

Thanks so much for all your help. You have confirmed my findings and conclusions for this cut.
Next step is to cut a stone and see what happens!!

Let us know how it goes, i’m still figuring my machine out.

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I reproduce that design and here it is.

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Excellent, be nice to see how this works outs.