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Fire Opal? Moonstone? I can’t tell

Can someone tell if this is Opal or not? The band is 10k

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Obviously, you can’t make a definitive decision based on a photo, but it looks like commercial white opal. Probably cut in Asia. Not very high quality. Wet it and see if the color vanishes. If so, then it’s Ethiopian. If not, then it’s probably Cobber Pedy C quality.


Well whatever they are they look amazing. That really looks pretty

Thank you! Ikr it’s so pretty

Yes I agree with AZ1067 I would think it is white opal not Ethiopian thanks


If it’s fluorescent under uv light does that mean it’s genuine Opal? I read that and wanted to be sure.

Also, the usual disclaimer that you can’t tell from a pic of course, but the opals may be doublets vs. solid opal. By the eye, they don’t look like Ethiopian, but common white opal. Cheers🤓


I am from Australia and have dabbled with opal and they look very much like Australian white opal


The pictures do not show enough colour within the stones so I don’t know ,they look familiar but i don’t know if moon stone shows internal iridescence

The pictures of the stones with the light shining through them is also typical of opal, that’s all I can say

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Thank you ! I’m pretty sure it’s Australian Opal too

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Would agree, those are Aussie crystal opal, likely CooberPedy.
Your fingernails however look more closely related to something Ethiopian


Hi! Do you know when this ring was created? If it was in the 1950s or 1960s then the stones might be Australian white crystal opals. I inherited my Mother’s opal ring that was crafted in the 1950s and the opals were from Australia. These look similar. Please have a jeweler inspect them or send the ring into GIA lab for identification. Very pretty ring!

I agree white opal .