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Fines rough rubies ----

Hi all,
These beautiful rough rubies (0.5 to 1.5 g; total 78g parcel) show a color-panel from pinkish to red-blood. Fine quality, clarity and saturation.
I would love to have your impressions on these…These are relatively expensive.
Hope you like them :slight_smile:

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You have pink sapphires mixed in with your ruby parcel. ;)))

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It’s a mix from two different mines…yeh you can call some of them pink sapphire that is right…

Thank you !!! I modified the title in my ads for sale…pink sapphire are on demand these days. :pray:

are you sure they are what they say they are?Natural or syn? Have you checked them with your equipment?

Well I am sure they are ruby but I have seem a heck of a lot of water worn rough spinel that looks very similar thanks