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Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Hi gang, if all factors are equal in the grading of two diamonds; both natural fancy yellows - same intensity, clarity, cut, weight. How important is origin in determining price? Is an Argyle yellow worth more than a South African? Thanks

If you are specifically talking about yellows then origin is of little significance. It was the troubled Ellendale mine in Western Australia that was famous for its yellows and most production was sold to Tiffany & Co. That mine is currently closed and the state government are looking for a new operator.

The Argyle mine (lamproite pipes, further up north of the state) is famous for its rare pinks, blues, reds, violets, etc. The Argyle origin is of great importance as the mine is due to close next year. In the past, premiums for Argyles were already between 15% - 30% and now prices for Argyles are increasing rapidly.

In time I think there will likely be a shift in value / premiums for yellows based on origin. With the diminishing supply of Argyles I am seeing upscale Aussie jewellers marketing yellows more. I also found some nice marketing out of South Africa that likens the colour to the South African sun… Time will tell. IMHO.

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it is kinda like Burma rubies - Ceylon sapphires - Columbian emeralds - & the biggest thing who did the cert / there is only a hand full of labs that are world recognized. same lab results will not make a huge difference where origin is for yellow diamonds

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Hi Denise,

I am from Western Australia from where Argyle Diamonds are mined.
If the Argyle stone is girdle inscribed (only done recently on smaller diamonds) and if they come with proven provenance then, Yes. The markup for genuine Argyle diamonds are a min of 50% up to 100% above other coloured diamonds. I am a Registered Valuer and a Gemmologist. Good luck. Oh and they always have a grading description, not with words, but with letters and numbers. eg. PP6

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Thanks, yes I knew that about the Argyle mine. It will be interesting to see what happens to Argyle fancies down the road. Thanks for your response.

Would that inscription be on the girdle of older Argyle diamonds; say 5/6 years ago or only recently? Thanks, sorry am late to this response.