Fancy colored diamonds

Hello everybody, I am in possession of two red and one blue diamonds. I need recommendations for expert grading and valuation. I have already sent them out to GIA for overall grading evaluation, but the GIA trained gemologist I am dealing with nearby seems stumped on how to set a retail or insurance value. Your thoughts and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Hi hk, can you share your Diamond Grading Reports with us?

Hi JC,
Thanks for responding. I just found out that the stones, origin unknown, are synthetic. I will pick up the reports on Monday, 3 June, and see what GIA reports on the 4Cā€™s etc. Thank you.

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So sorry to hear that HK

Given what I paid for them, not too worried. They are quite real, just not a million years old or more, lol. They are two red and one blue, quite beautiful. No heat, radiation or chemical enhancement, that I am aware of. Oh, well.

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