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Fancy Color Diamonds

Can someone tell me the general expense scale when it comes to color diamonds? I’ve found conflicting accounts. Red is the most expensive, after that it seems that blue, then pink, yellow, gray, brown. Some say that pink diamonds are just as rare as blue, but I feel like blue diamonds seem to cost more at places like Leibish & Co. and others.

If you are dealing with Leibish & Co. you could not be in better hands. I know of no experts better than them.

Colored diamonds can become subjective due to one’s personal taste of a favorite color. My wife loves her yellow diamond while I’m partial to chameleon diamonds. Pink diamonds though, may become more rare in the future after the announcement of the closing of the Argyle mine in Australia at the end of the year. They produced more wonderful “pinks” than any other source. That’s where I’d put my money.

Hi, after red, the most expensive one is green!

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A factor that affecting the value of color diamonds is whether or not the color is natural, or from being irradiated. Natural pinks are just as rare as natural blues for example. However, irradiated pinks are more common than their irradiated blue counterparts. Regardless of natural or irradiated origin, color diamonds are inherently rare since only a few will change to a pleasing color when radiated.

Ahh okay that makes sense. Thanks for the info!