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Faceting Tourmaline

I would like to share some of our Tourmaline & their cutting styles. This will come in handy when you making a decision in cutting.

Tourmaline are usually very straight forward in cutting, where the c-axis are open and can cut any shapes except for Green Tourmaline or Blue Tourmaline which cannot be cut in c-axis unless they are from some mines.

Afghanistan , Namibia , Congo - are the most common localities that give you Green Tourmaline with open c-axis which make it easy to cut in cushions, ovals etc

Nigeria , Mozambique , Brazil - usually have a dark c-axis making them difficult to cut into cushions or ovals from the deep color tourmalines, like Green & Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite)

The max we can do is make cushion shape like the above blue tourmaline where the c-axis are kept straight but the corners are curved to give a better look for it.

I prefer Emerald cut then these type of cushions, what do you think ?

I have this tourmaline that is stated to be green tourmaline but I see a distinct teal or bluish green. Can anyone help me identify the type of tourmaline this is?

I would say it is a bluish-green tourmaline. but Blue color-tone not enough to be called as indicolite, and surely not paraiba tourmaline.

Ok thank you,
I appreciate your response