Faceting prescriptions

Is there any faceting instructions containing angles, index settings, etc. on this site?


Thanks to the Mid-Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society, Norman Steele, and many other world class artists who have shared their collections, cutters throughout the world have access to an absolute hoard of free designs. You can also check out the US Faceters Guild. The site includes both .pdf and .asc (GemCad) files. Grand Master cutters to hobby cutters submit their new GemCad designs here on a regular basis.

Here’s the link: http://www.facetdiagrams.org

Thanks to Robert Strictland and his GemCad and GemRay programs anyone with a desire to learn can virtually create and simulate their own designs. Here’s a link to the GemCad site where you can get a free trial download. http://www.gemcad.com

Hope this helps-

Thomas Harter

Thanks for the info Thomas. I did find some facetind diagrams on this site. I also found a wealth of them on the Facetor’s Guild website. Geez I’m computer illiterate, can’t seem to find the send button. Lol