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Faceting needed

Last summer I went SunStone mining in Southern Oregon. Found some beauties! My problem is that I have never faceted, and am not interested in teaching myself at this time. I also have some beautiful Faceting quality rose quartz. I am in Oregon, and am looking for someone who does Faceting but don’t want to send it overseas.


Oregon is filled with skilled Sun Stone cutters. I would look up one of the portland gem clubs if you wish to stay in Oregon with the stones. They publish or did publish a great newsletter and have cutting lessons (Columbia Willamette Faceters Guild). I have published an article a few years ago.

I love cutting Sun Stones. I am happy to chat about either cutting or what to look for in a cutter. FOco Gems 970-217-6376 - Joel Guttormsen

I have designed a set of patterns for these creatures. Red/Teil spots make the most interesting stones when cut properly. Cutting for schiller can be difficult with often with surprizing results.

I am in Colorado and have cut Sun Stones from the Plush area for years. {What other place in the world can you go and wonder if a UFO is going to land (seriously the edge of the Basin and Range province is really interesting)}.

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My gem cutter is John Dyer:

John Dyer & Co.
5021 Vernon Ave S PMB 123
Edina, MN 55436


He will give quotes as to price per carat for the finished stone. He is a GIA Gold medalist gem cutter. You can see his work on his website. I think you will be very pleased.

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