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In reading the article How "To Add Sparkle To An Emerald Cut ", I see that most all of the faceting information is given, but not all that specific. At the end is the usual referral to The Rock Peddler for detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham. I purchase Jeff’s additions from them, but they don’t have any info on what is in each different addition. Is there any more detail available on the sparkling emerald cut, and if so, which addition is it found in?


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Thanks for pointing out some problems in “How to Add Sparkle to an Emerald Cut.” This article is actually by Donald Clark, not Jeff Graham, so the link to Graham’s works on Rock Peddler has been removed. There was also some additional cutting information that was missing but is now reloaded. I hope the additional info is helpful.

Clark’s article shows a good technique to change-up the longer L:W emerald shapes. His first design seems similar to a 1979 design titled “Fantasy Cushion” that I’ve used many times (and seems poorly named for today’s cutting world). There are several variations on the theme at this URL, however without instructions: Facet Diagrams for Cutting Gemstones - FacetDiagrams.org

The second design in Clark’s article is novel to him as far as I know – and looks well worth the trouble of cutting it. I’ll give it a try myself sometime.

But I was surprised that the article here on IGS doesn’t have any images of either design in a finished stone. Here’s a recent stone I cut in my variation of the Sparkling Emerald or “Fantasy Cushion” design; not exactly the same as Clark’s design, but close enough for you to get the idea.

Tourmaline (Nigeria). 6.15ct, 7.63x14.61x7.22mm. Heated. Custom Emerald. (Tour1590)

Hi Mr. Torraca,

If we could have your permission, I’d love to add your pic of your Sparking Emerald-cut tourmaline to the article. Sadly, we don’t have any pics of gems cut with Donald Clark’s design.

Sure, you’re welcome to use the image with appropriate credit.