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Faceted Green Sapphire


Hi to all forum friends,
just finished cutting this green sapphire 1.3Carats, found by my wife when we were fossicking in Central Queensland sapphire fields, Australia


Very nice! Thanks for sharing.


No problem Carl, I would have thought more forum followers would have been interested in the fact that you can go and dig top quality Sapphires in Queensland and New South Wales Australia on a miners right, cost about $30 for a week, without having to own a sapphire lease. Some areas are put aside by the Government for amateur diggers where there is no machinery allowed only pick shovel and sieves
Some really big top quality sapphires have been found in these areas. Blues, yellows, greens and party coloured gemstone over the years\



Very nice Syd. That sounds like a great experience. I would be interested in more details about these sites. Planning a vacation next year, that might be on the list!


Hi Patrick, I have attached some information about the gemfields in Queensland, Australia. Most of our digging was at Tomahawk Creek, but this field is about 60k from the nearest town Rubyvale and not easy to access. However there are a lot of other fields closer that you can dig at and the list is with the attachment also a Web address to go to and seek further information on the Qld Government Website.
If you did not want to go out to any of these places you could do what a lot of other tourists do and pay a local miner with a lease at Rubyvale or sapphire to get a load of gem bearing gravel and sieve through that. easier but not as much fun or reward as digging you own.


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