Exceptionally Florescent Gemstone ID

Hi, I recently acquired some very unique stones and one is a head-scratcher for me. One fluoresces under both short- and long-wave UV to a degree that I have never seen before; it makes the brightest florescent rubies I have look dim by comparison. I acquired four similar stones of the same size/appearance (except color). all of which measure the same (Mohs: >7, SG: >3, RI: 1.6 or so), and although one other shows very light fluorescence, this one glows way brighter than the visible brightness of the UV light source, it’s kinda nuts.

The pics aren’t great, but hopefully helpful. There are no real inclusions, but they are just slightly translucent around the edges with what I woke call a cotton-line internal appearance (somewhat off white cottony “texture” inside the stones (sorry, that’s the best description I could come up with).

In the UV pics below, the first is sw, the second lw UV. Not adjacent ruby (circled) is so overwhelmed by brightness of this stone it’s florescence is hardly visible.

Any idea what this may be? It doesn’t look like kunzite, one possibility I considered, but I’m stumped.

The cabochons contain dye

That is possible, but it seems quite unlikely given the source (I know precisely where they were found, and they were definitely not synthesized at any point in the past couple hundred years, at least). It’s just the one that fluoresces like this, the others (of the same shape and, at least in terms of measurements) type, do not (well, the blue does to a very small degree).

I realized I was posted the wrong RI and SG in the original post (which I’ll try and edit note). The RI is 1.65 for all stones, and the SG is roughly 3-3.2. I looked at them carefully in the sunlight and if it’s a die, it’s somehow integrate into the minerals, there is no inclusion or layers that are discreetly florescent, it’s every visible particle of the stone. I also retested hardness and I believe it’s greater than 7.5, for what it’s worth.

Putting aside the florescent property of that specific stone, do you have any idea what kind of stones these might be?

Thank you!