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Exactly what it is


My collection I do not know exactly what it is, daylight color chocolate brownish-dark reddish (foto flash color-blue ) sunshine color flat-pinfire,mohs scale 6-7,stone(mineral)rough 224.1gr.using hydrostatic method 2,5 g/cm³,non transparent,I do not know the value of accurate . thanks for the bad Englis toleration. I speak Hungarian , Romanian,poor English. I live in the Carpathian Mountains


Hi Jozsef, it is difficult to decide what a piece is just with photo’s
but if was to have a guess just on mainly the photo with the piece in your hand I think it could be either peacock obsidian or agate as per my attachment

hope this helps


thanks for the reply.Sent high-resolution photo,see also,(“play of color”)say your opinion.Once again, thank you



Hi Jozsef cannot open pictures???




I am sending it now


do not go


Maybe now


I have been collecting data on this rock trying to ID it. The data that I have collected appears to be pointing to black beryl but I seriously doubt that it is beryl. The hardness is 7.5-8.0, specific gravity is 2.6, weighs 13.1 grams or 65 carats, luster is greasy and very reflective and it does have inclusions. The rock has not been polished, it has a natural shine to it. I had an edx analysis done but was told after the scan that their equipment could not detect something as light as beryllium.
I have good evidence that the rocks in this area may have been involved in an impact event in the distant pass. I also have a stone in which the data is pointing towards a natural moissanite which I’m very doubtful of.
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hi cannot open pictures,


Sorry about not being able to open the photos, I’m not sure but maybe the files were too large so I down sized them so lets see if this works.
I downed sized the files to under 100 KB each and they still will not open so I’m not sure about what to do from here.


Can you tell me, it is natural or just synthetic. It is my grandfather ring. Maybe you can tell how value it is. Another thing, it glow under UV Light.


Pictures can not be opened , open Microsoft Office Word - copy the picture in it, save it to the desktop and upload it there the word document. Then it will be ok. Hi


Ok , I try.