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Etsy gem seller requesting your opinion


I am an online merchant who sells various types of vintage and antique items, including jewelry and loose gemstones. It all depends on what I can find at a good price, and I learn as I go along. I find IGS a tremendous value in terms of knowledge.

I would like honest feedback about how a merchant who is sincere, yet with limited knowledge can best describe gemstones in a way that is straitforward.

Please have a look at the gemstones in these sections:

This section has loose gemstones:

Thank you very much for your time and opinion.


The Portuguese cute citrine in the second group has an awful lot of extinction. That is the darker areas that show when viewing from the top. That shows that almost 50% of the light that should be trapped inside the stone has leaked out thru the oversized table and lack of attention to angles and facet meets.
You let the customer judge the stone for themselves by not mentioning this when you could pay a little more attention to the quality of what you buy and your pricing. We used to say that a stone with this type of defect was worthless. In truth some people will buy it anyway but it is certainly poor value for the money asked. I wouldn’t sell that stone for any more than $20 retail. Properly see you there! that stone would dazzle. Pity


If you want to sell that citrine for $20, I’m a buyer. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I think that you need to be a little careful about things being in ‘excellent condition’ I can see that the ‘silver’ bracelet which isn’t silver has some garnet in it, but, I can also see some chips. You are almost certain to have issues with it if/when it sells.


It is a very hard aspect of the business deciding what something is worth. I want to start faceting my own collection but I am afraid being a beginner I’ll ruin something unknowingly or do something incorrectly.