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Ethiopian Sapphire

Hey Guys,

So I have been dealing mostly with Ceylon material. Recently came across some good-sized Ethiopian Sapphires with a Greenish blue hue. I want to know if anyone here has experience dealing with Ethiopian material and would love to get an idea of pricing. I want to get the general price for Ethiopian sapphires and if possible a comparison between Ceylon and Ethiopian

Thanks in advance

Prices usually trade at a 10-25% discount to similar quality Australian material.


I price mine at 200 to 500 a ct

That’s with no treatment of. Any kind

My Gemworld Guide gives about 50% of the price of Ceylon unheated for heated material from unspecified areas. For an idea, say $950 to $1700/ct for a one to two carat assumed heated sapphire with no specific geographic origin (e.g., not Ceylon or Burma) and about twice that for the unheated Ceylon. Hope this helps. This is for blue. Probably no particular premium for geography of a teal or particolored stone and IDK about heating. HTH. I would do my price research on line, as a price guide is only an indication and what transpires between a willing buyer and a willing seller is the bottom line. -royjohn

Thanks exactly its all depends on the willingness of both parties at the end of the day. My asking is going to be US 9500 for both 6ct and 5ct.

Sorry, I did not see your carat weight. For a grade 8, using the tables for a green sapphire, you’d be about right at $1500/ct in those sizes using the guide. Teal is hot right now, so a little more than green, but many people think the Guide prices are 20-30% high (after all, they are “memo” prices), so the $1500/ct may be reasonable, all considered. -royjohn

These are the stones. closer to the blue side. Unheated oval is 6.05 and octagon is 5.1. I thought of going a little bit lower at $ 852/ct.


Absolutely beautiful!

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