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Ethiopian opals

So I’ve purchased many of these Ethiopian opals over the last year, and recently I’ve been doing buisness with an Indian gentleman whom is selling me almost “too good to be true” gems… Could anyone let me know if I’m being scammed and if these are fakes or true Natural Untreated Ethiopian Fire opals? Thanks

Appraisal of natural or synthetic gemstones is near to impossible based on photos.
Observation and tests are necessary in order to give an opinion.
Find a gemologist near you.
best of luck!

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Your Ethiopian opals appear to be natural to me. Keeping in mind Ethiopian opals sell for roughly 10% of what equal size and quality Australian opals sell for, they can seem almost too good to be true. Perhaps you will find my article “Ethiopian Opals: Facts, Fears and Fairytales” of value:


I have purchased many opals and have been very disappointed. Believed I was buying very good quality and they turned out to be glass, beautiful but still glass. Lab grown! I finally purchased a Presidium Gem Indicator which actually gave the final word - Glass. A special glass that is a plastic.
So be careful when what you buy, a Gem Indicator is actually protection but the dealer may be extremely insulted by it and they could even turn violent.

You are not testing triplets with the Presidium gem testee by any chance are you?

A pgi cannot distinguish opals.

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Presidium Gem Indicator is USELESS in separating natural opal from synthetics, imitations, glass, resin impregnated etc. I repeat - USELESS!!!

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obviously my point jbergman