Ethiopian Opal

Up until a couple years ago, i was content to cab Malachite, Azurite, Turquoise, etc., affter all living in southern AZ has numerous locations of killer material. But then I crawled out from under my rock and saw Ethiopian opal for the first time. I was not into Australian, too much $ to get into good gem grade. This was way cheaper and brighter. Fast forward about 3000.00. in rough.Turned it into 730 carats the only way I know how. Shape with dremel / diamond cut off wheel. Then sandpaper and discs 220 through 4000 grit, then cerium oxide on leather. All done dry with a respirator…I dont have a cabbing machine, I have strong hands and patience though. I admit i need to better my skills. I intended to never sell them, but life is suggesting otherwise.
With lack of calibrated stones, and some being polished rubs at best. Im having trouble coming up with a suitable price for the entire lot. Im very realistic and brutal on grading. Ii have been checking opalauctions , gempundit, ebay completed sales, googling at nauseum. These are all over the board. Im thinking 7000.00 for all of it, less than 10 a ct. , but I dont know
If any of you would be willing to bestow a little wisdom my way, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for bearing with my verbose**[quote=“RobertS90372, post:1, topic:25123, full:true”


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For your reference, late last year I purchased a six-carat tear-drop shaped Ethiopian Welo opal for $100 at the Chantaburi Gem Market in Thailand. It looks a lot like your pictures.

Thanks for the input. Gathering fairly consistent comps has been hard. Prices all over the place. Another thing, Im no photographer obviously. Its really difficult to get good representative pics.