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Ethiopian Emerald value?


Is anyone familiar with Ethiopian emerald and its properties ,value what give it the color ?


yes it’s great in color good mine for big size


Does it test correctly with Chelsea filter?


Some of the best of the Ethiopian gems stand toe to toe with the best Colombian. As I understand it, Chromium not Vanadium is the major coloring agent. Given the world of geographic gem branding, Ethiopian stones will normally be less expensive than Colombian.


Wise is correct, there are minor to trace amounts of vanadium, plenty of chromium and iron. Chemistry is close to that of Brazil and Zambian.

Due to the substantial Fe, it does not have red or pink reaction under Chelsea. Microscopy shows blocky to stretched 2 phase inclusions like Brazilian, but Brazilian emerald has unique spectrum.

There are ways to determine COO, but it takes 3 rather high tech machines and experience, however, a well seasoned emerald dealer will have insight.


thanks All started cutting this weekend the color of the rough is very nice and has a little misty glow to it. will post pictures when complete thanks Kirk



I have not seen a lot of this material. Does the high Fe content suppress the saturation of hue as it does in other iron rich species/varieties? How about transparency?



Actually, the color does not have that darkness one might expect. Perhaps the V and Cr levels are enough to keep a good balance, but from the many we have tested, they have nice open color with a decent saturation of fine green. Like a Colombian Zambian mix.