Emeralds for sale

Hi everyone.

A jeweler friend of mine is selling some emeralds. He bought them in the eighties in Stockholm by an Columbian gem dealer. I provide pictures of the stones, photographed in a lightbox with a large enhancement so you might be able to inspect any flaws.

1: Cab 1,94 ct 9,3 x 6,41 x 4,22mm

2: Emerald cut 1,22 ct 6,82 x 6,3 x 3,89mm

3: Emerald cut 1,22 ct 6,65 x 6,39 x 4.03mm

4: Emerald cut 1,58 ct 7,0 x 6,68 x 4,75mm

5: Emerald cut 1,03 ct H: 5,65mm W 5,25mm

6: Emerald cut 0,92 ct 5,9 x 5,35 x 4,6mm

I have inspected the emeralds and they look very fine. If you have any interest of these stones, please send me an email and we take it from there.



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