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Emeralds and Tanzanites for sale



I am a gem dealer selling mostly emeralds and tanzanites but I have many other stones. I sell on eBay and at gem shows. 90% of my eBay buyers are returning customers with strong requirements for both emeralds and tanzanite: over 1 ct, dark, perfectly eye clean. Color of emerald can be strongly brownish Gray, it’s fine. As a result I have many stones that don’t fit in these requirement and I can sell them really cheap:

  1. Very good to top under 1 ct emeralds. Mostly Colombian, some Zambian. Medium Light to Medium Dark, gorgeous color, most perfectly clean. These are not REALLY DIRT CHEAP but very cheap compare to their real value.
    2.Far from perfectly clean but not really included 1+ ct emeralds. Brazilian or mostly Brazilian, dark, some have good color. These are really cheap.
  2. Under 1 ct tanzanites. All very good, about 95% are dark, all are perfectly clean of course. Also very cheap.

I also have top Colombian and Zambian emeralds 1 ct 4+ ct, some rubies, sapphires. imperial topazes, one Dark Gray colored diamond - all certified - and actually I can get any stones but it is another topic.

My private email is