Emerald value

Hi I have a emerald that someone bought at a estate sale that was a ex museum piece. They sold it to me on Etsy. Emerald is included but is 410 carats. I’d say it wants to want to be transparent but is very included. I was wondering the value of this kind of emerald may be? I probably won’t benifit from making jewelry from it? thanks.

oh I omost forgot to say this is a russian emerald. also I took another look at this it is a transparent emerald with many inclusions. I wonder would the value of this emerald most likely be like the part of the emerald with less to no inclusions be worth more in terms of evaluating the value of the emerald?

Very low-quality specimen, lucky if you can get $100 for it, no gemstone value here


thank you for all your help. it is good I did not pay to much for it! I have a ex measum piece of inesite from the same person. it is is in a matrix form and it is 3 and a half pounds. it even has orange spikes on top. I hope to post that too. thanks again for all your help!

Ok. Even though its green and in what I would consider to be the proper mother matrix it does not mean for certain it is emerald versus green Beryl. You have to look at it under a Chelsa filter to see if there is any chromium or have it tested. Either way it is only what would be considered a specimen versus facet grade. It’s possible it could be cabochoned but it would have to be stabilized to keep it intact with a resign or similar. - Mike

thank you for all your info!

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Of that I am not a hundred % sure! but if I even know how to do that process as yet . I have pout it in to my history for you so if you ever need I can send it to you.

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Jarred Thank you. Sorry I haven’t been here very much lately. I wish I could be here 24 seven I love rocks and stones and gems so much but I’m in the process of moving right now. My mom recently passed.

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