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Emerald Value

I purchased an emerald but I\’m not sure how to decipher the information on the cert. card. I am trying to determine what the value could be.

Without seeing the stone in person most appraisers won’t be able to give a valid price for coloured gemstones as a large part of their value is the colour they have. That said, you could probably use the carat weight to look up emeralds of similar size and see what they are selling for. From the picture, the stone looks pretty heavily included which would lower the price a little but not much. A quick search online for natural emeralds that are 11x13mm or 11x14mm oval and around 7ct in size would probably give you a good idea of a price range that you could expect.

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I went to the website of that lab and tried to pull the certificate number up and I got a “sorry no record found”

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By the looks of the certificate i think it is fake.
The certificate has a lot of misspelled words. Thats the first clue. Second, the hologram square is tilted. That looks very amateurish. I think someone has manufactured the certificate at home with a cheap laminating machine.

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!. You’re dealing with India. You must be aware. Years ago India was highly credible in the industry. In and up to the mid 70s India had the best commercial cutters in the world. They could put 56 symmetrical facets on a 2mm diamond. That all went south and Thailand, who was getting a bad rap during that period over Blue Topaz and various other stone irradiation techniques. Thailand turned the tables and straightened up their act and now are top dog.
Just my opinion. India is notorious for scams in this age. Your emerald would look great at the bottom of your fish tank. Sorry. Again - my opinion backed by 40yrs in the industry.
Don’t feel bad. My fish tanks are full of gemstones.
PS - try blue green tourmaline. They look more like emerald then emerald. One tenth the price. tah


I am by no means a pro, but using Gemval’s appraisal method based on what I see.
I came up with an approx. value of Emerald $2,728 or Blue-Green Tourmaline $310.
It could even be Blue-Green dyed Quartz.
I agree with Pierre on the looks of the “certificate of authenticity”. Seeing that before I purchased it would send up red flags and push me away from buying this stone.
I too have plenty of boo boos in my collection, they are pretty, shiny but almost worthless.

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I have given up on buying from India from “businesses”. I have so many fake gemstones from them. I have also walked away from a natural gemstones manufacturer as the quality of my specific order for precision cut 10x14mm Black Star Garnets mined in India was completely incorrect. NONE of the 250kg worth of gemstones measured what I required for my jewelry! It would have been cheaper to just buy that rough, import into the USA, then send it to John Dyer to cut and polish! I was counting on this order to make Christmas products to sell. To make matters worse, the 1st parcel was lost by the shipping company, so he claimed. I waited over a month for this order to come in.

So to answer your question: send it into GIA lab for testing. Or a certified national lab in your country that you can verify as legitimate. I hope this helps!