Emerald color/clarity


I posted a photo of the rough from these emeralds a couple months back, and now i have the stones as well as a ring and pair of earrings. I’m pretty sure what i think the color and clarity are but I’d like the unbiased opion of someone who doesn’t have an investment made in them.

Here is a group shot and some closer individual photos of two of these.

What are your opinions? Especially anyone with much experience in emeralds. Source, Swat Pakistan.

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One important factor in determining value is the amount of filling. Were these filled? If so, what was the filler and how much. You may know that oil filling emeralds is a very old treatment and accepted type of treatment due to the nature of emeralds. In the trade, emeralds are typically described as none, minor, moderate or significant.

You can read more at GIA – got to the description for emeralds: An Introduction to Gem Treatments

Hi Molly

Yes indeed. So i bought the rough from a dealer in Pakistan and noted that the rough was oiled slightly. However, the cutter did not add any treatments and i did not oil the stones at all since receiving them. I know that an untreated stone of this quality is worth more than a treated one. I’m not planning to oil these, though i imagine id sell them as minor oil since i know the rough was oiled.

What are the sizes per stone. Important!!

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The six seen here are a follows:

Weights top left to right

To my opinion cheap goods. But maybe I m wrong

I would be curious of the definition slightly.
In my experience slightly would be defined as minor oil. There is a difference between minor oil vs. moderate, vs. a polymer.

They’re certainly not $9000/ct flawless Muzo emeralds, but they do have a value.

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Thank you, I would imagine the words light oil would make sense then, as the rough did show evidence of some oil, but the stones were not oiled after cutting. I could certainly have one tested by GIA just to get their opinion as well and apply that same opinion to each.

also remember that the oil from the cutting process can seep into the stone, as well as any liquid from the cleaning process.

Since you received a lot of “information” and no real answer, I thought I’d pipe in purely from the perspective of someone who buys. The stone second down on the left and the stone bottom left in your original picture look like the best color saturation. Your dark stones are nice, although some of the inclusions are close to middle. My initial guess is your stones will range somewhere in the $200-$400/ct range. But please take that purely as a guess based only on your photos. They could easily be higher or lower. Here’s a good site to give you some ideas on what will play into value… Price of an Emerald: What Determines How Much an Emerald Costs | The Natural Emerald Company | The Natural Emerald Company
I did see your original “rough” post. Glad you got so many pretty stones out of it!!! :slight_smile: Enjoy them. --T

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Thank you,

I will check that article out as well.