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Ebay loose gemstone lots

Hello, all Gems enthusiasts :blush:

I am a newbie here, and very thrilled to learn more each day, I always look around on internet for loose gemstones deal, I found an ebay seller from New York, selling 50 carats of mixed loose gemstones which includes faceted quarts, citrine,peridot, amethyst, topas and even low quality emarald.


Price is $15 for whole lot. :grin:

Reviews were quite ok, if you came across any of these or with your experience & expertise, please share if it’s worth buying those gemstone, amd test it, and probably re-sell them, please share your outlook.

Thank You

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For that price those gems are almost certainly synthetic and eBay is about the worst place you can go to purchase cut gemstones. The fraud there is rampant (not really eBay’s fault). The reputable sellers that I know who sell on eBay sell only their lowest quality cut stones (their rejects) there. They have other outlets for their quality goods.


Agree with Loren, you will more than likely find it is glass Ebay… to who I have made several approaches and complaned to without response, are the worst place to buy so called gems. As a point of proof I purchased an emerald and a ruby both of which had “GIA” certificates which showed up both of which I was told by the vendor were genuine and natural… which i knew at the price they could not be. Both of which turned out to be glass… okay my money was refunded but these people are still selling on EBay and still conning people. Please do not encourage them by buying. The gem industry is struggling as it is if you encourage fraud what chance do we have to promote put own genuine stones. My advice stay away from EBay where gemstones are concerned.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback, please share any trustworthy source of loose gemstones. Thank you.

Greatly appreciate you for sharing your not so pleasant experience, I have also noticed some Thailand based seller selling Ruby, stating “natural ruby” at very surprisingly low price, never touched them thinking, must be glass composites. If you have any sources of loose gemstones please list their website name of ebay username.

Thank you.

I wholesale as well as retail gemstone myself. If you let me know what you are looking for I may have it or can more than likely source it. my email and there are a few items listed on

Thank you Rukhsarkahn for opening this discussion.
I had the same problem a year ago when I started naively to buy on ebay…thinking genuine certified gemstone could be available for a good price. I guess I was very wrong, and as Chris777 rightly pointed out…most suppusingly valuable one turned out to be synthetic.
Since then, I try, when possible, to establish solid contact with local people and get to the real source, and buy wholesale lot.
Will be happy to help:

I had found one dealer on eBay a few years ago that was from Thailand. All of the stones I purchased from her were top quality at a great price. Since she was the one that did the cutting as well she gave me a good deal on the stone I purchased from her. She has since left eBay and now has her own shop that she is now selling to high end jewelers. eBay was just a stepping stone for her.
All the best on your hunt for quality.