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Dumortierite in quartz


This is an interesting stone, the dumortierite is growing in the quartz in a ‘star-burst’ config, which is the usual appearance, but the crystals may grow in any way. This material is usually opaque as lapis, so this config, clear with good growth is a rare find. Ive seen bigger with a little more color then the price goes up-this will make a nice pendent from an unusual stone. The size is 10x10x7mm, 2.9cts.-steve…


Really pretty. Thank you for sharing.


This is an update showing the stones in pendent, @ 1.5" tall, 14kt white gold, the blue of the stones does show well in the crystals, an unusual item-steve…


This is an update to the pendent, 3 stones, 14kt white gold, 2" tall, a nice finish to the pendent-steve…


I have acquired quite a few of these unique stones. They are incredible! I even have a few that titanium fused with iron over the present magnesium. The result, some beautiful orange/red/gold formations. I’ve attempted to upload a few pictures of some pieces I have… hopefully they are accessible.


Those are beautiful!